Calin Beloescu

Timisoara Branch
of the Fine Arts Union of Romania
Călin Beloescu
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Calin Beloescu. Venice; (2003); mixed technique; 100 x 100 cm

Calin Beloescu. The sleep; (2004); mixed technique; 80 x 100 cm

Calin Beloescu. Angel; (2004); mixed technique<BR>200 x 200 cm

Calin Beloescu. Still life; (2005); mixed technique; 50 x 100 cm

Calin Beloescu. Early in the morning; (2005); mixed technique; 100 x 130 cm

Calin Beloescu. Adrenalin; (2005); mixed technique; 100 x 130 cm

Born in Cluj, on March 28, 1953.

Studies: Fine Art Institute, Timisoara

Member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania since 1980.

Since 1976 participant in the exhibitions organized by the Fine Arts Union in Romania and abroad.

International exhibitions: 1980 - Miró Contest, Barcelona; 1984 - "Intergrafik", Berlin; 1986, 1987 - "Art Today", Budapest; 1987 - "Art and Action", Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo; International mail art exhibitions: 1989 - Salamanca and San Giorgio, 1996 - Fano; 1996 - International Triennial of Painting, Sofia.

Personal exhibitions in Romania: 1978, 1983, 1999 - Timisoara, "Helios" Gallery; 1984 - Lugoj, "Pro Arte" Gallery; 1989 - Drobeta-Turnu Severin, "Apollodor" Gallery.

Personal exhibitions abroad: 1990 - Trondheim, Norway, "Sankt Olavs" Gallery; 1992 - Venice, Italy, the Gallery of the Romanian Institute of Culture; 1993 - Sarreguemines, France, "Top phisic" Gallery; 1995,1996 - Amsterdam, Holland, "Mobile" Gallery; 1996 - München, Germany, the "Siemens" Works; 1997, 1998, 1999 - Heidelberg, Germany, "Institut für Systemische Therapie".

Contact: Timişoara - România
Phone: +40 (0)720 277855
E-mail: calin.beloescu@gmail.comm
Web page:

The painter is seeking after the lastingness beyond surface, therefore he has devised an adequate technique witch is entierly his own. He breaks external images, destroys and alters them until he completely changes their substance and, then he rebuilds them according to his own laws, thus obtaining a true transmutation. His approach searches out the very essence of subjectivity in order to make it acquire a material form. "Real life" images are undermined to be reconstructed anew during a proces of transformation - of the subjectivity into objectivity. This new reality is an abstraction and consequently endures beyond time. Contrary to the mad rhythm of contemporary world, Călin Beloescu advances a lasting and lucid construct and tries to use art to transcend human condition trough an "alchemical transmutation".

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