Daniela Oravitan (Beloescu)

Timişoara Branch
of the Fine Arts Union of Romania
Daniela Orăviţanu
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Date of birth: November, 5-th, 1951.
Birthplace: Lugoj, Timish county, Romania.
Schools attended: Fine Arts Academy - Timisoara.
Specialization: Painting and Graphics.
Debut: 1974

Member of the Romanian Union of Fine Arts since 1980.

Personal Exhibition:
1974 Timisoara (Student'sCenter) - painting and graphics;
1975 Timisoara (Student's Center) - collage;
1978 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - graphics;
1979 Lugoj (Pro-Arts Gallery) - graphics;
1981 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - graphics;
1984 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - painting;
1986 Timisoara (Banat Museum) - etching;
1988 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - painting;
1992 Csongrad, Hungary - painting;
1993 Heidelberg, Germany - painting and graphics;
1994 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - painting;
1995 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - painting;
1996 München and Heidelberg, Germany - painting;
1996 Drama, Greece - painting;
1997 Timisoara (Art Gallery) - painting;
1998 Heidelberg (Germany) - painting;
1998 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - painting;
1998 Darmstadt (Germany) - painting;
2000 Timisoara (Access Gallery) - painting;
2002 Timisoara (Museum of Art) - painting and graphics.

Creator's Exhibition:
1990 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - "Expressionist accents in the works of Timisoara's fine artists";
1992 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - "Intuitive archeologys";
2001 Timisoara (Helios Gallery) - Fashion design exhibition.

International Exhibitions:
1980 The International Contest "Juan Miro", Barcelona (Spain);
1986 The Watercolour Contest, Rome (Italy);
1986 Art Today", Budapest (Hungary);
1987 "Art and Action", Olso, Bergen, Trondheim (Norway);
1987 "Art Today", Budapest(Hungary);
1987 Mail Art Exhibition, Morera Museum, Barcelona (Spain);
1989 The International Biennal of Arts, Brusque (Brazil);
1992 "Hommage a Otto Dix" exhibition in Gera (Germany);
2000 Csongrad exhibition (Hungary).

Roumanian Exhibitions Abroad:
1982 Prague (Czechoslovakia) and Gera (Germany);
1983 Holland and Germany;
1984 Portugal, China and United States of America;
1987 Portugal;
1988 Yugoslavia;
1989 Germany, Soviet Union, Turkey;
1990 Italy, France and Hungary.

Group Exhibitions Abroad:
1990 Aerdt (Holland);
1991 Merzig (Germany);
1991 Csongrad and Szeged (Hungary);
1991 Villette Cham (Switzerland);
1992 Darmstadt (Germany);
1992 Gera (Germany) - The Exhibition of International Art.
1994 Hezze (Holland) - The Exhibition "Brabandt Day";
1999 München (Germany);
1999 Heidelberg (Germany);
2000 Szeged (Hungary).

Camp of Rudolstadt:
1993 Csongrad and Szeged (Hungary);
1994 The Exhibition of the "Camue" Gallery's group in Bad-Dürkheim, Dresda and Berlin (Germany);
1994 Krakovia (Poland);
1994 Darmstadt (Germany);
1994 Szeged (Hungary).

County Salons: Every year since 1974.

Republican Salons of Graphics Arts (Bucuresti): In 1978, 1980, 1985, 1987 and 1989.

Other Exhibitions width National Character (Bucuresti): In 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1985 and 1990.

Biennal drawing exhibition (Arad): in 1995 and 1997.

Group Exhibitions in Romania:
1976 "Amfora" Gallery, Bucuresti;
1979 U.A.P. Timisoara Branch Exhibition in Cluj, Iasi and Galati;
1979 Exhibition inaugurating the "Pro-Arts" Gallery in Lugoj;
1984 National Exhibition "A35", Alba Iulia;
1985 Youth Exhibition "The Mirror", Baia Mare;
1985 Group Exhibition (Orizont Gallery), Bucuresti;
1985 U.A.P. Timisoara Branch Exhibition at "Dalles" Gallery, Bucuresti;
1985 Group Exhibition (Helios Gallery), Timisoara;
1987 Group Exhibition (Pro-Arts Gallery), Lugoj;
1990 Group Exhibition (Victoria Gallery), Brasov;
1991 "Art and Religion" - group exhibition (Helios Gallery);
1996 Group Exhibition (Apollo Gallery), Bucuresti;
1996 Group Exhibition (Helios Gallery), Timisoara.

All the exhibitions organized by "A35" U.A. P. Timisoara: in Arad, Bucuresti, Baia Mare, Lugoj, Oradea, Timisoara.

Art Camps in Romania:
1984 Lazarea;
1985 Faget;
1995 Teremia Mare.

International painting camps:
1990 Rudolstadt (Germany);
1991 and 1993 Csongrad (Hungary).

1994 The Prize for Painting of the Fine Arts Union - Romania.

Works in state collections: in "Museum of Art" Timisoara and "Morera Museum" Barcelona (Spain).

Works in private collections: in Romania, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Norway, Holland, Italy, France, Yugoslavia, Switzerland and Greece.

Artistic collectives participated in:
- "A35" Subsection of the Romanian Fine Arts Union, Timisoara banch;
- International group associated with "Camue" Gallery which exibit in Bad-D4rkheim, Düseldorf, Berlin and Dresda (Germany);
- Group of the University of Heidelberg, archeologists, architects and scientific drawers, which made possible the publication of the book "Die Fruhe Bronsenzeit", in 1996 (Germany);
- The "Puppet Theatre" collective in Mennheim (Germany).

Other domain: Clothing design and stage design: costumes for the play "S.O.S. on in deriva" by Gh. Ardeleanu, stage design set for the play "Punguta cu doi bani" by Ion Creanga, performed at Timisoara's Puppet Theatre, and decorations for the set of "Faust" performed by the Puppet Theatre - Mennheim (Germany).

Contact: Phone: +40 (0)744 255782
E-mail: danielaoravitanu@gmail.com
Web page: http://uapt.cjtimis.ro/membri/doravitanu

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