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Doru Tulcan
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Biographical data: born at 21 April 1943, in Cladova, Arad. Between 1959-1963 he attends the courses of the Art Highschool in Timisoara. Professors: Iulius Podlipny, Simion Marcus, Victor Gaga, Stefan Bertalan, Szakats Bela. 1969-1974 (1978) member of "Sigma" group. Lecturer at Timisoara, University of the Vest, Faculty of Fine Arts.

Group and collective exhibitions: 1969 The Annual Art Salon (exhibit debut); 1970 The first "Sigma" group exhibition, Helios Gallery; Exhibition at "Cibin" Festival, Sibiu, Sirius Gallery, commissioner: Dan Haulica; "The actual problems of space in plastic art", exhibition on UNESCO plastic arts week, Timisoara, Bastion Galleries; "Art and the city exhibition", Bucharest, New Gallery; 1978 Photography used by plastic artists, Friedrich Schiller House Bucharest; "Study" exhibition, Timisoara, Bastion Galleries, commissioners: Paul Gherasim, Grigorescu Ion, Coriolan Babeti; The experimental film and photography exhibition "Ion Mincu" Architecture Institute Halls, Bucuresti, commissioners: Mihai Driscu, Wanda Mihuleac; 1981 "Study", "Man and nature, the place and works", Timisoara Bastion Galleries, commissioners: Paul Gherasim, Grigorescu Ion, Coriolan Babeti; Art Camp exhibition in Teremia Mare; 1984 "Life without Art" mail art exhibition , Pro Arts Gallery , Lugoj; "The idea" exhibition, Within the frame Work of Studio 35, Studio 35 Gallery Timisoara; Painting Camp exhibition, Teremia Mare 2, Art Gallery Teremia Mare; "The design in childhood world" exhibition, Oradea Art Gallery; 1986 Peace dedicated exhibition, Oradea Art Gallery; 1988 Arad Drawing Biennial; 1989 One-man exhibition in Timisoara; 1989 One-man exhibition, Bucuresti Art House; 1991 Exhibitions in Germany, in the following towns: Much, Hemer (Maria Elisabeta Gallery), Maintz; 1992 Together with Elena Tulcan, he participates in the work of an installation "Earth" exhibition; On the invitation of German Forum in Timisoara and of Banat Society, he attends the "Stages" exhibition, Arad Art Gallery; Creation and european synchronism at Bucharest National Theatre Gallery; 1993 Turnu Severin Art Museum; "Stages" exhibition , Timisoara Art Museum, the exhibition poster drawing; 1994 "Stages" exhibition, Exhibition Halls of the Bucharest National Theatre; "Space nostalgia" exhibition Bucovina, Flondor Constantin, Timisoara, Art Museum; "Orient-Occident" exhibition Timisoara Art Museum; 1995 "Teremia Mare" Painting Camp; 1995 Engraving Biennial Timisoara; 1995 One-man graphic exhibition, Helios Gallery; 1995 One-man painting exhibition, Helios Gallery; Jubilee exhibition, Art Museum, Cluj; 1996 Expo Experiment, Collections Museum, Cluj; 1996 Artists at Garana, Timisoara, Helios Gallery; 1997 Arad Drawing Biennial; 1997 Resita Art National Salon; 1997 Tesaloniky, Greece; 1998 Gemany, USA, Austria, Norway.

Abroad romanian art exhibitions: 1971 "Today Romanian Art" exhibition, Richard Demarco Gallery, within the frame work of Edinburg Festival, England, photographic documentation "Sigma" group; 1984 Exhibition of PAU branch Timisoara at Gera Germany.

International exhibitions: 1992 Saarbruken, Germany; Salzbach, Germany; Ausburg, Germany; Ratingen, Sprach Centrum, Germany; Koln, Germany; Labach, Germany; 1994 Participates in the exhibition of Timisoara Art Museum together with the group wich he attends the Landshut exhibition with Germany; Engelskichen, Germany; Toley, Germany; Landshut, Germany; 1995 Essen Group exhibition, Germany; 1997 Cultural European Year Tesaloniky, Greece.

Works found in museums and private collections: France, Germany, Canada, Italy, USA, Greece.

Contact: Timisoara - Romania
Phone: +40 (0)256 217908

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Uniunea Artistilor Plastici din România - Filiala Timşsoara
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Timişoara Branch of the Fine Arts Union of România