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Ion Sulea-Gorj
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Born at the 19th of July 1937 in Pestisani, Gorj, Romania.

Studies: Fine Arts Institute "Nicolae Grigorescu", Bucharest, monumental painting class, graduated in 1962.

Member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania.

Since 1962 is constantly participating at the official annual exhibitions in Timisoara and Bucharest and also at collective and group exhibitions. Has participated at monumental arts contest in Romania and has realized several monumental works in different techniques.

Personal exhibitions: 1966, 1984, 1993 at The Art Galleries in Timisoara; 1969 at The Art Galleries in Resita; 1992,1993, 1995, 1998 in several cities in Germany; 1998 in Austria.

International exhibitions: 1985 - D.R. of Germany.

Romanian art exhibitions abroad: 1969 - Novi Sad (Yugoslavia); 1970 - Belgrad (Yugoslavia); 1973 - Modena (Yugoslavia); 1973 - Düsseldorf (Germany); 1984 - Bonn (Germany) 1984 - Sofia (Bulgaria); 1985, 1986 - Germany; 1993 - Vienna (Austria); 1994 - Holland.

Republican exhibitions and biennials in Romania: 1970, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1989 - Sala Dalles, National Theatre, National Museum - Bucharest; 1979 - Cluj, Iasi, Galati.

Monumental and decorative art works: 1959 - Galati (al secco); 1960 - Sibiu (al secco); 1961 - Bucharest (al secco); 1962 - Bucharest (mosaic); 1964 - Timisoara (vinyl polymer); 1965 - Timisoara (mosaic); 1967 - Timisoara (ceramic); 1968 - Savarsin (al secco); 1970 - Timisoara (tapestry); 1970 - Baile Herculane (calcareous rocks); 1971 - Sannicolaul Mare (al secco); 1972 - Caransebes (mosaic); 1976 - ensemble of monumental art works in Timisoara (al secco, stained glass, oil on wood); 1980 - Timisoara (al fresco); 1982 - Caransebes (al fresco); 1982 - Timisoara (mosaic marble); 1983 - Izvorul Miron monastery, Timis (al fresco); 1985 - Targoviste, Timis (al fresco); 1987 - Denta (al secco); 1989 - Faget, Timis (al fresco); 1991 - Fardea, Timis (al fresco); 1993 - Timisoara (oil on wood); 1994 - Timisoara (plafond al secco); 1995 - Savarsin (painted wood).

Collections: In the art museums from Romania – Bucharest, Galati, Targu-Jiu, Slatina, Cluj, Resita and in private collections from Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Canada and USA.

ontests: 1970 - The National Contest for the decoration of “Hercules” Hotel from Baile Herculane; 1980 - The Contest for the decoration of the front side of “Electromotor” Enterprise from Timisoara.

Awards: 1977 - The Award of the Plastic Artists Union from Romania for painting; 2004 - the Cultural Award as Chevalier.

References: Petru Comarnescu, Ion Frunzetti, Horia Horsia, Constantin Prut, 1976 "Afirmari" by Mircea Deac, 1978 "Enciclopedia artistilor plastici romani contemporani" (The Encyclopedia of Romanian contemporary plastic artists) by V. Florea, Al. Cebuc, N. Haptoiu and Ion Soldea, Alin Ion, Deliu Petroiu, Ion Iovan and others.

" His works are the expression of an urban spirit that starts from the ancient polis until present, without reaching the historical dike, but the one of inner thinking. By combining them, the artist visualizes in the urban contemporary space a drama that comes from de-mythicizing the beautiful, the displacement and dispersion of unique value and the isolation of the individual from the society. His art is a common place of spiritual and matter. The vision is composed by a Venusian component and a Sisyphus one. The image is formed of a decorative state and an active one, being found in the painter’s technique a common re-evaluation of the monumental (contemporary and Byzantine) and easel experience. The artist watches the contrasts of the chromatic, formal and textural surfaces, this border area offering a dialog and a live state of the beholder. The abstract decorative communicates to the clearly sketched figurative, the hot responds to the cold, the uneven surface lives in the vicinity of an even area. His art wishes to communicate more than visually; it creates an impetus for the feeling of the beholder, astonishing him with the surrealism of these mixing from . This catalogue is a view of his creative space. It is an artist approach from the point of view of a person who enters in his workshop and finds himself in front of a reality, surrounded by the objects of this environment. "(Catalog 2003)

Creations camps: National: Targu-Jiu, Oravita; International: Sangeorz-Bai, Rudolstadt (Germany).

Address: str. Intrarea Doinei nr. 31
300086 Timisoara - Romania
Phone: +40 (0)356 438554
Mobile: +40 (0)72 6918336

Studio: str. Nicu Filipescu nr. 8
300035 Timisoara - Romania

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