Lia Popescu

Timişoara Branch
of the Fine Arts Union of Romania (U.A.P. Romania)
Lia Popescu
painter and drawer
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1951 Born in Cosava, Timis county, Romania.
1975 Graduated the Politechnical University of Timisoara.
1998 Graduated the Fine Art University of Timisoara, specialising in painting.

Member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania since 1998.

Main official exhibitions in Romania:
and 1988
Exhibitions held by the U.A.P. - Bucuresti, at the Art Museum and Dalles Gallery.
1988 The first Design exhibition, "Desib '88", Sibiu.
1997 Museum of Banat, Timisoara.
1997-2000 The International Art Salon, Resita.
1998 Art Museum, Timisoara.
1998-2010 The Annual Art Salon, Timisoara.
1999 International Biennial of Drawing, Arad.
1999-2000 The Annual Art Salon, Resita.
2004 "Moldova's Salons", Bacau.
2004 "The Light" Exhibition, Museum of Banat, Timisoara.
2005 "Art and Hope" Project of DCCPCN-Timis, Timisoara.
2006 "The Scene", The National Theatre of Timisoara.
2006 "Mathernity", Art Museum, Timisoara.
2008 "The Mentor", CJ-Timis, Timisoara.

Personal exhibitions:
1980 Young People's House, Pitesti.
1981 "Mihai Eminescu" Culture House, Bucuresti.
1988 U.A.P. Gallery, Deva.
1989 Art House, Sibiu.
1990 "Mihai Eminescu" Bookshop, Timisoara.
1994 Petri-Kirche,Lubeck,Germany.
1999 Michel-, Rogate-Kirche, NDR-Hamburg, Germany.
1995 "Posible comeback", Margina, Timis county.
1995 "The remote country", Writers' Union House, Timisoara.
1999 "Stefan Jäger" Museum, Jimbolia, Timis county.
2000 "Art" Gallery, Timisoara.
2000 "Window's Mark", "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara.
2000 "Agora" Gallery, Resita.
2002 HVB-Bank, Timisoara.
2004 "LandMark", Faget-Timis.
2005 Mannheim, Germany.
2006 "Bridges", "Helios" Gallery, Timisoara.
2007 Axa Art Gallery, Timisoara.
2007 Tourist Infocentre- Timisoara Municipality.
2007 City Council of Timis County - U.A.P. Timişoara.
2009 "Confrontation II", "Gallery 3", Klagenfurt, Austria.
2009 "Echo in Red, Yellow and Blue"- Livonia, Detroit, U S A..
2009 "Dell Pryor" Gallery, Detroit, USA.

Main official exhibitions held abroad:
1999-2000 "Šampion" Gallery, Vršac, Yugoslavia.
2000 Pančevo Museum, Yugoslavia.
2000 Fine Arts Salon, Lleida, Spain.
2000 International Painting Salon, La Tour du Crieu, France.
2001 "Osaka Triennale 2001", the 10th International Contemporary Art Competition, Osaka, Japan.
2002, 2008 Szeged, Hungary.
2004 "Moldavia's Salons", Chisinau, Moldavia.
2004 "The light", Szeged, Hungary.
2004 "My people's myths and legends", Stara-Zagora, Bulgaria.
2005, 2008 Csongrad, Hungary.
2005 Berlin, Germany.
2005-2007 Vršac, Srbija.
2005, 2006 International Artistic Flag Festival, Novi Sad, Srbija.
2008 "Artists from Banat and Kärnten", Gallery 3, Klagenfurt, Austria.
2010 1st-International Watercolor Biennial, Belgrade, Srbija.
2010 16-International Fine Arts Exhibition, Vendas Novas, Portugal.

Art meetings:
1999 "Deliblatska Pesak" - Pančevo, Yugoslavia.
1999, 2001 Gărâna, Romania.
2002, 2008, 2010 Csongrad, Hungary.
2002 Oravita, Romania.
2004 Jupânesti, Timis county, Romania.
2005-2007 Vršac, Srbija.
2006 Svetionik-Novi Sad, Srbija.
2006, 2007 Bello-Blato, Srbija.
2007 Parco Adda Nord, Italy.
2008 Apatin, Srbija.
2008 Poiana Marului, Caras-Severin county.
2011 Romania. Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Special prizes:
1987, 1989 Won the first prize in the National Festival of Education and Culture.
1999 Won the prize of the Romanian Society for the Protection of Cultural Property, at the International Art Salon, Resita.
2004 The Excellency Diploma of the Mechanics University, Timisoarai.

Other activities:
1999-2006 - Carried out a scientific experiment: "The Fine Arts-a method for diagnosis and psychic retrieval" in cooperation with Carecenter Holstenhof-Hamburg,Germany. Deliver lectures about "Therapy through Fine Art" to The Medicine and Pharmacy Institute-Timisoara (2005) and to The Schoolcraft College Department of Art-Livonia, Detroit, USA ( American Romanian Festival-2009).
- Published fine art chronicles and worked out graphics for several publishing houses and newspapers in Timisoara and Bucuresti.
2003 Wrote and illustrated the book "Landmark. Timisoara".
2009 Work out the monumental wood carving "Airport for the Angels" - Caransebes (Symposium-Teius 2009).

Studio address:
Str. Lacului, nr. 4/1, ap. 4
300467 Timişoara - România
Phone: +40 (0)256 218795
Mobile: +40 (0)74 8158777

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  • The dictionary of contemporary artists from Banat, Ioan Iovan, Brumar publishing house, Timisoara, 2003.
  • "Tradition and modernism - two centuries of art in Banat", album carried out in 2003 by the Culture, Cults and Cultural Patrimony Society (oh the Timis county).
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"In the Offing"

Lia Popescu. "In the Offing", (2000), oil on canvas, 50 x 140 cm

Work selected to the 10th International Contemporary Art Competition
"Osaka Triennale 2001", Osaka, Japan.

  Setting the Cross
In the window of my self,
    To put on my shadows,
Setting them on fire,
Seeing the shadow, that follows my step,
Hearing the echo, that stalks my voice.
  The shadow disguised
As a Fata Morgana,
And I set it as a focus
Of my illumination.
    The Cross embraced me
On the Ark of Violet.
The shadows had run
To be again reborn.
  In bright-burning red
There's a flaming world.
In the ante-room of resurrection
I appear.
    Setting the Cross
In the window of my self,
    Lia Popescu, illlustrating Mark 4/39


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