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Lucia Trancotă Ősz
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Graduated in1970 from a program of the faculty of Plastic and fine Arts at the Institute of Timisoara in Romania.

She has been preparing photo graphics,drawings,etchings,lithography,rotary
screen printings,pastel,fresco,textile,puppets since 1970.


1972 Galti,1973 Pitesti,1979 Lugos,1985 Timisoara,
1991-1992-1993 Dísz Square Gallery Budapest,
1994 Pestlőrinc Gallery, Budapest,
1994 Odensee,Denmark,
1995 Helios Gallery ,Timisoara
1995 Kondor Béla Community Centre,Budapest,
2001 Csokonai Culural Centre,Budapest


1969-1970 College Exhibition Timisoara-Bucharest,
1970 Kalindern Gallery,Bucharest,Young Artist Award,
1975 Helios Gallery,Timisoara - Man and Gesture,
1976 Young Artists' Exhibition,Timisoara,
1976 Dallas Gallery,Bucharest - Human and City,
1977-79-81-85-87 Graphics Biennale in Bucharest,
1976-88 Yearly Graphics Exhibitions,Timisoara,
1979 National Graphics Exhibitions,Brasov - Arad,
1981-1983 Voronetiana,Suceava
1981 Frankfurt am Main
1982 Neue Lobeda
1984 Gera,Contemporary artits from Romania,
1988 Exhibition of artists from Nice-Zagreb-Belgrade-Timisoara
1990 Athens,International Graphic Exhibition
Smederevo,Mini Drawings exhibition,
1993 Sapporo,Graphics Biennial,
Monza,Exhibition of Hungarian Graphics Artists,
1996-97 Erzsébetváros Day,Podmaniczky Hall,Budapest,
1977 National pastel Biennial,Esztergom,
Hommage a' Vasary ,Castle Museum,Tata,
1988 International Art-Mail exposition,Museum of Arts Cluj-Napoca,
19th. National Graphics Biennale,Miskolc,
1999 National Mini Drawings Exhibition - Coloured drawing
Nádor Gallery Budapest,
2000 Szombathely - Gödöllő,16th.Hungarian Textil Biennale,
1th.Hungarian Band Exposition,
GÁZ-2000,Dorog, Initiative,Associative,Improvizative Sound
Therapy and noise Ballet Group,
GÁZ-2000,Szentendre,Vajda János Cellar Gallery,
Black and Withe,Budapest,Műcsarnok ,Hungarian Millenium
Fine Art and Photo-Art Exhibition,
4th. National Pastel Biennale ,Esztergom,Castle Museum,
Square Drawings , Nádor gallery Budapest,
Art-Mail 2000,Kaposvár,Eastern-Central European Postcard Exibition
Import -Export ,Bon Appetite Exposition timisoara,Art Museum,
2000 Agricultura in Fine arts,Hungarian Museum of Agriculture,Budapest,
2001 Variations for disc,Exposition of the Company of Inner City Artists,Budapest
2002 National Pastel Biennial,Esztergom
National Drawings Biennial,Salgótarján,
2003-2004 Art-Mail, Eastern-Central European Postcard Exhibition,Kaposvár -Oradea,
2006 Csokonai Cultural Centre Budapest,Individual Exposition,
2006 Szombathely,2nd Triennial of Textile Art,2nd.International Band Triennial Triennial of Miniature textile
2006 Kaposvár,Digital Message of Eastern-Europe
2007 Pécs,Digital Message of Eastern-Europe 2,
2007 Budapest,Museum of applied Arts,Exhibition from the selected works of the 2nd.Triennial of Textile Art,
2007 Munkácsy's Drawings and Painting Competition,Budapest,
2009 5th Contemporary Christian Iconographical Biennale,Kecskemét ,Cifrapalota,
2012 Boundless,Szög-Art Company,Szeged-Fischer Gallery
2013 Timisoara Art Camp,Exhibition in Timisoara City Hall,Rudolf Walther fundation,
2013 Identical Timisoara,Exhibition in Helios Gallery,
2013 6th.Contemporary Christian Iconographical Biennale,Kecskemét ,Katona József Museum,


1982 Association of Romanian Artists
1993 National Association of Hungarian Creative Artis
1993 Artists Reprezented Worldwide,ARS,Artists Rights Society,New York-Paris.


Ioan Iovan : Lexicon of Contemporary Artists from Banat ,2003,<BR>
Cebuc A.,Florea V.,Negoita Laptoiu : Encyclopedia of Contemporary Romanian Atists ,Vol.l-V,1993-2003,
Articles,critics in Romanian professional magazines: ORIZONTUL,Contemporanul,RAMURI,Revista Arta Plastica.

Ősz Lucia Trancota's WORKS CAN BE FOUND IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: National Museum of Bucharest,National Gallery Gera,National Museum Jena,National Museum Kuala Lumpur, Svetlika Gallery Smederevo,Wolfgang Barina Kuntssammlung Böblingen,Stutgart,Monza,Ungarn, Austria,Danmark,France,Nederland,Hungary,Romania,Australia,Japan,U.S.A.

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1075 Budapest - Hungary
Phone: 43 71
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