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Nora Blaj
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I was born on 16th of March 1971, under the sign of Pisces, being quite determined since only a child. When people would question me "What would you like to become when you are grown-up?" I always answered "a pedagogue". So I became a pedagogue for 6 years, time during which I learned from the children to be a child, to be free, to paint. After the graduation of a fashion design college in 1993, I realised I wanted more, so I applied for the Fine Arts Faculty.
After two years of not learning a thing, the replacement of a teacher changed everything. I learned to laugh. I was followed by the ideal, abstract patterns of things and events, their long, tall shapes cut down to a mysterious simplicity, unchanged every time. In my works I try to keep the permanent connection between the things and their patterns, so that I can gradually watch and dream about the same reality where you need a lot of silence and stillness in order to obtain a balance between yourself and the surroundings.
I graduated the faculty in 2000 and I had the intention to repeat a year. I was enjoying it. After Radu was born, I passed through a few month period of accumulating and then I worked much, much. My daughter, Maria, only made the thirst for painting inside me deeper; motherhood meant for me fulfilment, it made me aware of a number of things. And then again painting. Not even on a constant basis. Painting. I live inside it.
"The space outside or inside is our spiritual atmosphere, a place of purity, of reverie, of wish for accomplishment. Space is the place where the horizontal world of every human being looks for its deep meaning around the axis of a vertical world hold by his highest aspirations". (Cornel Ailincăi).

Member of the Romanian Union of Fine Arts.

One - man shows:

Insemn, Galeria Artis, Bucuresti, Romania
  April Letters for a Red. King, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

Ordonarea Amintirilor, Ion Tiriac Bank, Timisoara, Romania
  May Punkt Sieben, Deutsches Kulturzentrum, Timisoara, Romania
  March Culuareaminte, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

Hemography, Orchideea Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

I, The Savoy Hotel, Mamaia, Romania

Group exhibitions:

Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
Winter Salon, The Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania
Gent, Belgium
Kulturzentrum, Erfurt, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
Palazzo D'Adda, Varralo, Italy
  July Ion Ţiriac Bank, Timisoara, Romania
  June The Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
  April In Scheslitz, Giechburg, Germany
  March Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
Dor, Bamberg, Germany
  February Dor, Nürenberg, Germany
  January Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
Prefectura Municipiului Timisoara, Romania

Mozaic, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
Winter Salon, The Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania
  November Dor, Studio 13 Bamberg, Germany
  August Dor, Bamberg Rathaus, Germany
Dor, Parsberg, Germany
Dor, Reiffeisenbank Neumarkt, Germany
  July Dor, Giechburg Castle, Bamberg, Germany
  May Goethe Institut, Bucharest, Romania
  April Bruckentall Museum Sibiu, Romania
  February HVB Timisoara, Romania

The Festive Exhibition, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
Winter Salon, The Art Museum Timisoara, Romania
The National Art Salon, Bucharest, Romania
  August Bank of Austria, Timisoara, Romania

Winter Salon, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
  May B>Materials, matter, sense, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

The Halcis Medical Center, Timisoara, Romania
  April Student Festival, Timisoara, Romania
  March Happening, Palatul Cotroceni, Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian Cultural Center Budapest, Hungary
Dying Homes, The Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania
  June Memory as a Space, The Banat Museum, Timisoara, Romania
  May The Delta Gallery, Arad, Romania
Daytime Story, Hellios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
  April Dying Homes, Romanian Peasant's Museum, Bucharest, Romania

Art workshops:

International Art Symposium, Insbruk, Austria
Artfair, Gent, Begium
International Art Symposium, Budapest, Hungary
First Symposion of Contemporary Art, Varallo, Italy
  July Molnarart International Art Camp, Lesencetomaj, Balaton, Hungary
  June International Symposium D. Fleiss & Est-Vest Artists, Carei, Romania


The Third Europe programme

Timisiensis magazine

Private collections: Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy, United States of America, ex Yugoslavia, Canada, Japan, Romania.

Contact: Nora Blaj Demetrescu
Mobile phone: +40 (0)744 644645
Web page:

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