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Ştefan Kelemen
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Born in Timişoara, on May 14th 1942.

Biographical Data
1956-1961  activities in steel engraving.
1961-1963  graduated Technical Forester School - Timişoara.
1963-1966  graduated Fine Art Faculty, West University - Timişoara.
1966-1970  designer - graphic design.
1970-1978  engraving and jewelry design.
1978-1985  industrial designer at Solder Institute - Timişoara.
1987-1991  participate at restoration of the facade Baroque Palace (Art Museum) -Timişoara

Member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania since 1991.

Abroad exhibitions (selection):
1982  exhibition of Romanian Fine Art Union at Gera - R.D. Germany.
1990  exhibition of fine art artists from Timişoara at Szeged - Hungary.
1991  "Osterausstellung CHRISTOPHORUS PRO ROUMANIA" CH'91 at Cham -Swiss
1991  group exhibition at Essen - Germany
1993  "Kunst aus roumaniaen" group exhibition Timiºoara in Duisburg – Germany.
1994  "Plein air" Creation camp in Csongrad – Hungary.
1994  group exhibition: Temeswarer Kunstler in Bamberg - Germany.
1995  "Blick Kontakte" international exhibition in Buren – Germany.
1996  group exhibition from Timişoara "Fine Art Artists from Timişoara at Budapest" - Hungary.
2004  "Light" exhibition organized by Fine Art Union - Timişoara, at Szeged-Hungary.
2007-2008  National Itinerant Exhibition: Romania (Arad), Czech Republic (Pilsen), Hungary (Pecs), Austria, Croatia.

Exhibitions in country:
1967-2002  attends the annual exhibitions of Timişoara as well as most national exhibitions of sculpture Bucarest - Arad - Reşiţa.
1983  Personal sculpture exhibition in Timişoara.
2006  Personal exhibition at Helios Gallery, Timişoara.
2011  personal exhibition at the Art Museum of Timişoara.

Works in collections and museums:
1980  - Bucarest - acquisition in the national patrimony.
1998  - Works in the "Memorial of Revolution from December 1989" Museum.
2011  - Works in the Timişoara Art Museum Works in private collections: Romania, Germany, USA, Switzland, France, Italy, Hungary, Jordan.

Art-works in private collections: Romania, Germany, USA, Swiss, France, Italy, Hungary, Jordan.

2006  - Nominalization at the republican phase - Bucarest.
2006  - from the U.A.P. branch Timişoara - Sculpture departament.

Monumental Art:
"The monument of the martyrs students of December 1989" inaugurated in Timişoara December 1997.


    Omnipresence of humanity

What particularly impresses in the creation of the sculptor Ştefan Kelemen is the constant interest for the values circumscribed to the human space. The meeting with the morphologies and human meanings has acquired after years of constant frequentation, the character of a ritual, but, fascinated by the joy of taking possession of the human forms, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived by the obvious actuality of these representations. The image of the human being presented by the sculptor comes from the field of daily experience, but its roots are embedded in time, reaching within the fabulous gliding amongst centuries, the quests of the Renaissance, and, within deeper temporal layers, in the same Mediterranean horizon, where the anthropocentric cult was overrated, the representations of Neolithic art in the Aegean space.
At such level of prehistoric culture – where Brancusi as well found the basis of his mythical motifs, the sources of the extreme novelty he used to surprise us with, at the beginning of the 20th century, the continuously seeking of the world, - Stefan Kelemen finds the grounds of generality, abstraction of representations, the force to comprehend human reality, which does not need the infinite descriptive, localizing data. The volume of his sculptures is usually purified from details, reduced to its essence, to the pure expression. At this moment, of optimal functioning, the volume takes the light as its ally, which becomes an active agent, which fulfils the work of dematerialization, of transparency, of passing into an area of metaphysics to which the artist aspires. The window which is so opened to the sacred is the one which provides in depth the actuality of these sculptures.

    Constantin Prut October 2012

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