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Constantin G. Grangure
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Constantin Grangure. Forme libere mobile, lemn

Constantin  Grangure. Germinatie, 420x90x80 cm, lemn

Constantin Grangure. Forma unitara

Constantin Grangure. Forme libere mobile, lemn

Constantin Grangure. Forme libere mobile, lemn

Constantin Grangure. Forma libera, 78x30x25 cm, lemn

Semnatura artistului Constantin Grangure

Born on February 11, 1945 in Lugoj, Timis County, Romania.

- Polytechnical Institut Timisoara, Departement of Chemical Enginering, 1967;
- Independent studies of art;
- Studies of the art's psychology, with prof.dr. Eduard Pamfil.

Member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania.

Personal exhibitions in Romania: Timisoara: Art Gallery "Bastion" (1973, 1979, 1983), Art Museum "Studio Art" (1975, 1977, 1978), Art Gallery "Libraria" (1987), Museum of Banat - Art Section (1994), Museum of Banat - "In the memory of the heros of the Revolution from Timisoara - 16-22 December 1989" (1992), Museum of Banat - Art Section (1997), "Helios" Gallery (1998, 2001, 2003), Museum of Banat - Ethnografie Section - "Wood civilisation" (2002); Bucuresti: Art Gallery of the "Fr. Schiller" cultural centre(1974), Art Gallery "Hanul cu Tei" (1980); Lugoj: Art Gallery of the culturel centre (1973, 1978); Constanţa/Mamaia: Art Gallery "Condor" (1980); HBV Bank Timişoara (2005, 2006).

Personal international exhibitions: 1993 Zum Schwanen Gallery Neckarsteinach Heidelberg, Germany; "Arko" Gallery Nevers, France; 1994 Palais des Congres Cap d'Agde, France; 1995 Townhall Gallery Mannheim, Germany; Itinerant exhibition: Enschede, Deventer, Stenwjik, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands; Worms Gallery, Germany; Driebergen Gallery, the Netherlands; 1997 Townhall Gallery Heidelberg, Germany; Idstein Gallery Frankfurt aM, Germany; Melnikov Gallery "Art Auktion", Heidelberg, Germany; 1998 Offenbach aM, Evangelische Friederiskirche Gallery, Germany; Castle of Bois Genoud-Crissier Lausanne, Switzerland; Spiegelberg-Groshochberg, Heilbronn Museum, Germany; Göteborg, Art Academy "Konstepidemin", Sweden; Ashkenazy Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, U.S.A; 1999 Luxembourg Banque Gallery, Luxembourg; Bibliotek Gallery Essen, Germany; Hesenstamm Gallery, Offenbach aM, Germany; Melnikov Gallery "Art Auktion", Heidelberg, Germany; 2000 Nominated for exhibition - Ille de NOIRMOUTIER, France; 2002 Nominated for the World Festival of Humanity, Dubay, United Arab Emirates.

Participation in Romania and international exhibitions: 1973-1978, 1977, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2006, Art showroom Timisoara; 1974-1980 The reprezentative exhibitions of the Timisoara Artists; 1975-1980 The group Exhibition "Young Artists": Timisoara, Lugoj, Arad, Bucuresti; 1990 The Exhibition "Del Bello" Gallery, Ontario, Canada; 1993 International group exhibition: "18 Artists of Paris", Decize, France; 1994 International exhibition "Eurocon", Art Gallery, Timisoara; 1996 National Biennial Exhibition, Arad; 1997, 1998 National Art Showroom, Reşiţa; 2004 International exhibition "The Light", Szeged, Hungary; 2005 National exhibition "The Light", Timişoara; 2006 National exhibition "Maternity", Art Museum Timişoara.

Creation Art Camps with the execution of a monumental sculpture: 1983 Bocsa, Caras-Severin, "Couple", sculpture in wood, 400x110x90cm; 1986 Ocna de Fier, Caras-Severin, "Unitary form", sculpture in wood, 580x150x110cm; 1988 Macea, Arad, "Shell form", sculpture in stone, 165x100x95cm; 1994 Florensac, Domaine de Veyrac, France, "Metamorphoses", sculpture in olive wood, 250x110x60cm; 1995 Garana, Caras-Severin, "Perpetual form", sculpture in wood, 220x60x50cm; Driebergen, Holland, "Embrace", sculpture in wood, 110x35x20cm; 1997 Brebu Nou, Caras-Severin, "Ascent", sculpture in wood, 255x60x50cm; 1998 Offenbach aM, Germany, "Genesis", sculpture in wood, 220x50x30cm; Castle of Bois Genond-Crissier Lausanne, Switzerland, "The Prophet", sculpture in wood, 310x100x60cm; Spiegelberg-Groshochberg, Heilbronn Museum, Germany, "Germination", sculpture in wood, 420x90x80cm; 2001 Nominated for monument Schwäbisch Hall from Würth Museum, Germany; 2002 Nominated for the World Festival of Humanity, Dubay, United Arab Emirates; 2003 Nominated for monument to Makind (M2M), 2004 Athens, Greece.

Symposiums: Participant with the work "Genesis of the free forms through lows of geometrical continuity" - 1985 at the symposium with the theme "Interdisciplinarity in art", Lybrary of Romanian Academy, Bukarest; 1995 "News in art", Rijkmuseum, the hall"Restauration - contemporary research", Amsterdam, Holland; 1998 "Today Architecture", Offenbach aM, Germany; 1998 "Symbol and Colony in art", Bläa Rummet Studio , Academy of Art "Konstepidemin", Göteborg, Sweden.

Trophies author: 1991 Great international prize of double slides for the Festival "Foto Son", Timisoara; 1994 Prize for the opening of the "Soros" fundation, Timisoara; 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Special prizes for the international competition "Enduro - Enduromania"; 1997, 2000 Trophy for 7 and 10 years from the publication of the newspaper "Timisoara"; 1998 Trophy for the 5th anniversary at the Timisoara branch of Austria Airlines; 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Trophies for the anniversaries of Radio West - Timisoara; 1999 Trophy for the 50th anniversary Puppet Theatre Timisoara; 1999 Trophy for the publication "Focus West"; 2005, 2006 Trophy for the "Excalibur - 2005" Festival Timişoara.

Stage designer: 1996 Multimedia Art Timisoara, for the works "Speech" music by J.S. Bach...Helge Jung... and "Animals's Carnival"; music by Tom Johnson...script G. Apollinaire... 1999 Puppet Theatre - Timisoara, for "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi.

Works in private and public collections in the country and in the world: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Congo, Denmark, Egipt, Switzerland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Holland, Poland, Russia, Sweden, U.S.A., Hungary, Venezuela.

"Constantin Grangure, sculptor from Timisoara, with a large international activity, known and successful in Europe through his last years exhibitions and his monumental sculptures from France, Germany and Holland, althrough allready present in a few private collections from USA, is know at his first open confruntation with the american public. ... this public ... is going to enjoy watching the "Mobile Free Forms", a relish to the eyes wich challenges the onlooker's imagination by the possibility of twining and place them on its personal inspiration. ... Prof. Dr. Eduard Pamfil, witness from the begining of the artistical career of Constantin Grangure infered the force of his gift and the innovator essence of his art. "Engaged in the direct experience of the phenomenous, Constantin Grangure studies the becoming of forms; he thinks and moulds in a free way, eliminating the classical canons, by his own rules and spontaneus direction, typical of his own intelligence and sensibility ... The unquestionabile merit of the artist is his tallent of bringing us in the fundamental moment, that wich allowes to the aware being to divide the world in forms and spaces, in movement and in life, in content and in cover finding a bridge between the organical shapes and the crystals, by geometrical sinthesis laws" " - Ivonne Nicolescu, "Romanian Artists in 'Miracle Mile' at Los Angeles" from the review CLIPA (The moment), the reader's page, no.361, Independent review from Los Angeles.

Address: Calea Sever Bocu (Calea Lipovei), bl.320, ap.3
300242 Timisoara - Romania
Phone: +40 (0)256 211102; +40 (0)356 419255
Mobile phone: +40 (0)744 789543
E-mail: cgrangure@hotmail.com, cgrangure@yahoo.com
Web page: http://uapt.cjtimis.ro/membri/cgrangure
Studio: str. Miron Costin nr.6, ap.13
Phone: +40 (0)256 200309

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